CHROMCAST is an excellent combination of abrasion resistance capability of Chromium- Molybdenum white iron with ductility, toughness and weldability of mild steel. The white cast iron conforming to ASTM A 532 Class II, is a hard material having very high hardness and wear resistance.

Chromcast is used at high impact zone areas like transfer chutes, hammers, shovels etc.

The CHROMCAST castings which constitute Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum are manufactured to give uniform distribution of carbides throughout the matrix, maintaining uniform hardness. The casting is then metallurgically bonded to the mild steel base using unique process, wherein the casting undergoes another heat treatment cycle under inert atmosphere, giving the hardness of 650-700 BHN (60-65 HRC).

Technical Details

This unique characteristic of CHROMCAST enables it to withstand heavy impact along with high abrasion in trying conditions in the industry.

  • Hardness of 60-65 HRC (650- 700 BHN)
  • Bond strength of 250 MPA
  • Carbide volume 30- 50%
  • Material is confirming to ASTM A 532, class II

Applications Area
CHROMCAST Wear castings are successfully used in the major core industries like Mines & collieries, Power, Steel, and Earth Moving Equipments. Perfectly suited for chutes, hoppers, bins, transfer points, impact walls, rock boxes heel plates and a variety of other applications. Some of the key applications are:
  • Mines/ Collieries - Grizzly Screens, Gyrator and jaw crusher liners, Impact crusher plates and bars, Fan blade liners, Dump Hoppers, Drag Line bucket protection, Shovel bucket protection, Loader bucket protection, Excavator bucket protection, Conveyor chute liners.
  • Thermal Power Stations and Steel Plants - Iron Ore Bins, Coke house Bins, Sinter Bins.
  • Earth Moving Equipments - Shovel bucket protection, Loader bucket protection, Excavator bucket protection, Loader Buckets.
  • Sugar Industry - Fibrizer Hammer Tips.
Salient Features
  • High Abrasion Resistance + Impact Resistance + Easy Installation = Less Down Time + Fewer Maintenance Hours + Lower Cost
  • "CHROMCAST" WEAR CASTING has hardness range of 650-700 BHN (60 to 65 HRc Rockwell C Scale)
  • The bond between the mild steel plate and the casting is extremely strong, giving a unique composite casting product which has excellent resistance to heavy impact along with high abrasion.
  • "CHROMCAST" WEAR CASTING offers unparalleled resistance to high stress abrasion and Heavy impact loading under severe working conditions.
  • "CHROMCAST" WEAR CASTINGS can be easily welded to the mother plate by using low hydrogen welding electrodes.
  • The castings are available in different shapes and sizes, which facilitates various arrangements of the castings, thereby avoiding total area coverage of the affected wear prone areas.
  • CHROMCAST" WEAR CASTINGS is very cost effective, giving extremely long life reducing the Maintenance, downtime costs thus increasing the productivity and efficiency.

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