Chromax Plates


CHROMAX wear plate by DEMECH is a composite plate, manufactured by a unique process in which a uniform layer of highly wear resistant carbides is deposited on a carbon steel base. Very hard carbides are suspended in a tough wear resistant matrix. It is the concentration & uniform distribution of carbide structure that gives CHROMAX Wear Plate its unique wear resistant & life prolonging characteristics.

The process involves applying specially and accurately blended powders to the area to be overlaid by forming an arc and covering the arc by flux which avoids the oxidation of the deposits.

The bond between the mild steel base and the overlay is of very high strength and resists repeated and prolonged impact loads and the overlaid deposit offers unequalled resistance to low and high stress abrasion.

"CHROMAX" PLATE is very cost effective giving extremely long life reducing maintenance, downtime, increasing productivity and efficiency, hence extensively used for sinter screens, chute liners, hoppers, mill liners etc.

Technical Details
  • "CHROMAX" PLATE has hardness range of 55 to 65 HRC (Rockwell C Scale) depending on grade. Hardness is uniform throughout the overlay thickness.
  • "CHROMAX" PLATE consists of up to 60% by volume of Chromium rich carbides in an Iron matrix.
  • "CHROMAX" PLATE offers unparalleled resistance to high stress abrasion and prolonged impact loading at a high temperature up to 700°C.
  • Cold abrasion tests have shown an improvement in wear resistance at 30 times that of mild steel. 3 to 1 improvement over traditional wear resistant materials such as Ni-Hard. Normal conditions show 12 to 1 improvement over heat treated Manganese Steel Hot abrasion tests have shown 20 to 1 improvement over mild steel.
Grades Hardness in RC Alloying Elements Suitable for Application
Chromax 2458 53-57 C, Cr, Mn, Si Severe Impact and Abrasion
Chromax 2459 55-60 C, Cr, Mn, Si, B Moderate Impact and Abrasion
Chromax 2660 58-62 C, Cr, Mn, B Severe Abrasion and Mile Impact
Chromax 2661 60-63 C, Cr, Mo, V, B Severe Abrasion and Erosion
Chromax 2662 62-65 C, Cr, Mo, V,W, Nb Severe Abrasion at Elevated Temperature
Applications Area
CHROMAX Wear plates are successfully used in the core sector industries like Power, Steel, Cement, , Mines & collieries. They are also used in Earth Moving Equipments, Chemical process plants & Pneumatic conveying systems. Some of the key applications are:
  • Thermal Power Stations - Vibratory feeders, Coal Feeder Plates, Cyclone blades and Housing o Protection Collars, Coal Handling plant Chutes, Feeder Breaker and Crusher liner Plates, Surge hoppers, Scroll liners, Liner for Fly ash hopper, Liner for Transition plate.
  • Cement Plants - Clinker dust /Raw mill cyclone liners, Raw Mill body liners, Ducts and chutes, Flap and Valve Body, Crusher liners, Coal Mill Fan Blades, Cement Mill Impeller, Ventilators, Sepex Air Separator Vanes / Louvre's, Fan casing liners, Chutes and skirt liners, Breaker plates, Hammer Mill liners, Guide Vanes/classifier Static vanes, Hoppers, Feed Pipes/ Chutes, Roller cover Ring, Raw Mill Wear Guard, Nozzle segment for Raw Mill, Rotary/Apron Feeder liners, Atox Mill body liners, Polycom Hydraulic Gate liner, Armour Ring for Raw mill, Bucket wheel chute
  • Mines/ Collieries - Transfer Chutes, Conveyor chute chutes and liner, Hopper liner, Coal crusher liner, Skirt and chute liner, Pathways, Vibratory feeder liner, Reject Bin liner, Slurry pipes, Deck and skirting plates, Apron Feeders, Dump Truck Body, Mines and quarry skips, Ore scarpers, Grizzly Bars and side plates, Reclaimer liner, Ore cars, Drag line Buckets
  • Steel Plants - Screen Plates, Scroll casing liners, Sinter Fan Blades, Crusher liners, Transfer chutes, Coke Guide plates, Bunker liners, Cyclones, Chain Guides, Raw Mill bins, Vibratory Feeder liners, Storage hoppers, Scrubber Discharge chute, Shell liner for Dryer, Pipe for Coal Mill of Blast Furnace, Product feed feeding chute, Liner for DP Flap, Liners for Feeder of Sinter plant.
  • Earth Moving Equipments - Bull Dozer Blades, Scrapers, Compact Rolls, Loader Buckets.
  • Chemical Process Plant and Pneumatic Conveying - Mixer paddles, Concrete Mixers, Clinker chutes, Suction sweeper blades, Spouts and Troughs.
Salient Features
  • The wear resisting side of the "CHROMAX" PLATE has smooth wide weld bands; these are fused together to form an even, flat & continuous surface.
  • Due to concentration of stresses during the manufacturing process cracks develop at right angles to the surface and do not penetrate beyond the Carbide layer. These cracks are essential for stress relieving purposes.
  • These plates are usually cut by plasma arc, but can be cut with gouging / cutting electrodes and carbon arc as well.
  • Wear Plates can be fixed to the mother plate by welding, bolting or by the use of studs.

Clients Served

Overseas Customers

  • Quinlink, Taiwan
  • Loyal Contact Ltd., Thailand
  • NGOC Linh Co. Ltd., Vietnam
  • Technovi Corp / Hanomech, Vietnam
  • Abratek, Denmark

India Customers

CHROMAX Wear plates are successfully used over a long period of time by the major core sector industries like:
  • N.T.P.C. Singrauli
  • N.T.P.C. Ramgundum
  • N.T.P.C. Farakka
  • M.S.E.B. Koradi
  • M.S.E.B. Parli
  • M.S.E.B. Chandrapur
  • JSW -ISPAT Dolvi
  • T.N.E.B.
  • G.E.B.
  • TISCO Jamshedpur
  • TISCO West Bokaro
  • Hindustan Aluminum Co. Ltd
  • Steel Authority Of India Ltd
  • Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  • N.T.P.C. Vindyachal
  • Gujarat Ambuja Cements
  • Durgapur Cements
  • Vikram Cements
  • BHEL Trichy
  • Grasim Industries
  • Vikram Cements
  • Orient Cements
  • India Cements
  • Birla Corporation
  • National Fertilizers Ltd.
  • Krupp Industries
  • Ambuja Cements
  • A.C.C. Ltd
  • Rain Industries
  • Ultratech Cements
  • Humbolt Wedag
  • Prism Cements
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