Chain conveyor


DEMECH have been one of the pioneers in India to manufacture and supply En-Masse & Drag Chain Conveyors.

Slow moving chains in these conveyors influence the material to move gently through a closed duct in a horizontal or even in steeply inclined profiles. These can handle virtually any type of bulk material in an environmentally safe way due to its dust-tight and spill proof, totally enclosed construction. These conveyors are heavy duty and of rugged construction.

The conveying profile can vary from Horizontal to near vertical direction.

The material is conveyed with 'En-masse' effect or 'Drag' effect. En-Masse conveyors give cost advantages due to their low power consumption, compact size & low maintenance requirements.

DEMECH uses its Demech brand of drop forged chains. But conveyors with roller pin chains or round link chains are also designed if the customer requirement demands so.

Technical Details
  • DEMECH Chain conveyors are custom designed to suit the bulk material to be handled. For given operating parameters like speed, type of flights etc. For a chain conveyor, it is the material properties which decide whether the conveying will be with 'En-masse' effect or 'Drag' effect. DEMECH's vast experience in this field ensures that the conveyor is designed to operate at optimum efficiency by proper selection of speed, type of chain & flight etc.
  • The conveyor profiles are generally as per the following diagrams but some additional variants can be manufactured & supplied to suit site conditions.
  • alt
  • The conveyors are designed with single or multiple numbers of inlet and discharge openings provided at the required locations along the conveyor path.
  • The conveyors are manufactured according to application using Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or other such material with various types of lining.
  • DEMECH chains are made of alloy steel drop forgings. They are machined and heat treated to achieve desired strength and hard outer surface to withstand wear due to abrasion.
  • Sprockets suitable for the forged chains are also manufactured by DEMECH in Carbon Steel and Alloy Carbon Steel which are case hardened for longer life.
  • Flights of different shapes and construction are welded or bolted to the chain links as per following drawings
Applications area
  • Cement Industry - Filter dust, Cement, Coal Mill reject, Black Liquor Dust (Sodium Sulphate),Gypsum, Fly Ash, Coal Mill Dust, Cement Clinker Dust, ESP Dust, Raw Mill / Kiln Cooler Dust.
  • Food Industry - De-oiled Bleach Earth (Oil Industry), Soyabean, Spent Coffee Ground.
  • Chemical Industry - Stable Bleaching Powder ; Soda Ash, Calcine, Saw Dust, Terephthalic acid (PTA), Hydrated Lime (Paper Industry, Polyfibre Industry, Bleaching Powder Industry), Carcinogen.
  • Power Industry - Coal Mill Reject, Fine Coal & Fly Ash, Wood Chip Ash.
  • Steel Industry - Coke handling, Sinter Dust ESP, Iron Oxide Dust, Burnt Lime, Calcined Lime. Pellet Dust, Slag Dust, Waste Gas Dust.
  • Paper Industry - Burnt Lime.
  • Others - Textile industry, River Sand, Ammonium Nitrate, DMT Pellets.
Salient Features
  • DEMECH designs and supplies custom designed Chain Conveyors to suit customer specific requirement for material handling rate and layout.
  • DEMECH has supplied Chain conveyers from 2 to 350 TPH with casing width varying from 200 mm to 1250 mm and length up to 155 meters. Conveyors supplied by DEMECH are operating efficiently even at 80° inclination.
  • DEMECH Chain elevators are an excellent alternative for pneumatic systems where moisture percentage in the material to be handled is upto 15 % and where pneumatic systems fail.
  • DEMECH can provide combination system which includes mechanical conveying using chain conveyors followed by pneumatic conveying to achieve long distance transfer of bulk material.
Clients Served
Overseas Supply
1. F L Smidth Pvt.Ltd., Denmark, for Lafarge, Medgidia & Rezina
2. Jurong Engg. Limited, Thailand, Through : Thermax
3. Kewalram Oil Project, Malaysia, Through : Thermax
4. Quality Coffee Products, Thailand, Through : Thermax
5. P.T. Indo Bharat, Indonesia, Through : BHEL
6. Star Cement, Dubai
Cement Sector
1. ACC Babcock Ltd., Mumbai
2. Chettinad Cement Corporation
3. India Cement Limited, Shankar Nagar
4. Madras Cements Ltd.
5. Malabar Cements Ltd., Palaghat ,Kerala
6. Prism Cement, Satna
7. Rajashree Cement, Malkhed
Paper Industry
1. Ballarpur Industries Ltd, Mehrauli
2. Orient Paper Mills
3. West Coast Paper Mills Ltd., Dandeli
Textile Industry
1. Bombay Dyeing &Mfg.Co., Patalganga
2. Harihar Polyfibres, Prop: The Gwalior Rayon.
3. Silk Mfg.(Wvg.)Co.Ltd., Kumarapatnam, Karnataka
Chemical Industry
1. Bombay Chemicals, Bombay
2. Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd., Baroda
3. Hindustan Zinc Limited, Chanderiya
4. Larsen & Toubro Ltd., Chennai, Proj: HZL
5. Shriram Vinyl & Chemical, Industries Ltd., Kota
Food Industry
1. Alfa Laval, Pune, NDDB, Kanpur, (U.P)
2. ICI India Ltd., Gomia
3. Mecawber Beekay Ltd., New Delhi, Proj: GHCL
4. Nestle India Ltd., Nanjangud
5. Vulcan Laval Ltd., Dapodi, Pune
Steel Sector
1. Alstom Kolkata Ltd. Project - Visakhapatnam Steel Plant
2. Bhushan Powr & Steel Limited, Jhasuguda, Orissa
3. MAA Shakumbari, Sponge Pvt.Ltd., Kuarmunda, Orissa
5. Webb India Pvt.Ltd., Bangalore
Power Sector
1. BHEL, Trichy
2. Cethar Vessl Ltd., Dindigul, Tiruchirapally (T.N)
3. Shriram EPC Ltd.
4. Thermax Limited, Pune, Proj: WCPM, Dandeli
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