Spherical Dome Valve

This valve is used for dense phase pneumatic handling system, primarily above the Pressure vessel. In open Position, Spherical Dome is completely out of the conveying path, hence there is no obstruction for material flow. Spherical dome is protected from direct contact with the conveying material.

Sizes 100 NB to 300 NB
Body and Dome MS / CI / SS 316 / SS304
Seat Neoprene / EPDM / Silicon / PTFE
Protection Coatings Chrome / PU / Epoxy Resin / PTFE
Actuators Manual / Rec. Cylinder / Vane Type / Rack & Pinion

*Options available depending upon Application.

Tight Shut off Valve (TSV)

DEMECH TSV is used as Material Inlet Valve / Material Outlet Valve/ Branch Isolation Valve in Pneumatic Conveying Systems In TSV, Sealing surfaces are machine lapped which does not allow air to exit. The spring loaded discs are held firmly against the path they travel & then shields their sealing surfaces from exposure to any harsh process while the valve is open.

In Common Valves like Ball, Plug or Butterfly, Flow path is restricted when valve is open, Whereas DEMECH TSV offers full port flow through the valve.

Sizes 50 NB to 300 NB
Body CI / CS
Seat & Disc Hardened Stainless Steel
Actuators Manual / Pneumatic Cylinder
Air Intake Valve

Air intake valve is used in vacuum conveying system. It operates when particular line is selected for conveying operation. Air intake valve has seat and disc in metal, controlled air can be taken in by adjusting the stroke. Protection against ingress of water and foreign particles is provided by adding a hood.

Sizes 150 NB (up to 40 TPH) 200 NB (up to 60 TPH)
Body CI
Disc SS
Shaft SS 410
Ash Extraction Valve

Ash extraction valve is used in Vacuum conveying system and Lean phase pressure system which is located between hopper and conveying line. Ash extraction valve is metal seated. Seat and disc is made from special alloy steel which gives better life than SS. During the operation the gate is operated by Pneumatic actuator, which ensures that the gate is away from the path of material during operation helping to increase life of the valve & better performance than Conventional Valves.

Size Inlet size 300 NB, Outlet size 150 NB / 200 NB
Body Alloy CI
Disc Special Alloy Steel
Gate Special Alloy Steel
Actuator Al. Alloy
Stem EN – 8
Poppet Valve

Poppet Valves are On-Off type valves, used in the conveying air line for isolation. The Valve has a small integral pneumatic cylinder. The operation is generally single acting with opening action by instrument air supply to the integral cylinder and return stroke by spring action. This arrangement makes it possible to use a small 1/4" solenoid valve, which saves the need of separate electrical circuit required to energies its coil.

Salient Features
  • Cast Iron body & Aluminum cylinder body
  • Operated under pilot air connection
  • Low maintenance & High reliability
Sizes 20NB, 40NB, 50NB, 65NB, 80NB & 100NB
NON Return Valve

These Non return valves are used in the air line just before they are connected to the Dense phase pneumatic conveying pipeline. As the name suggests this valve prevents reverse flow of conveying material to enter in the air line during sudden back pressure conditions.

Salient Features
  • The valve has a Cast iron body and is a low maintenance, high reliability valve.
Sizes 25NB, 40NB, 50NB, 65NB, 80NB & 100NB.
Pressure Vessel

The DEMECH Pressure vessel comprises one piece body with a top inlet and horizontal outlet at the bottom for conveying material. Mounted on the top inlet is a specially designed DEMECH Dome valve. It has a controlled air supply for conveying the material.

The DEMECH designed Pressure vessel is used where material from number of hoppers is collected and conveyed through a single pipeline. It is also used when it is connected independently with individual piping.

SIZE & Capacity As per Client's Specifications